Friday, August 9, 2013

WOW! I can not believe it has been a YEAR since my last post!

SOOOOOOO much has happened since my last post!!  My gracious!   We are now almost nearing the end of our summer in West Hartford!  We have been very lucky to have been blessed to be in the position we are in with our new life in CT.  We are living in West Hartford, and really do like the town we are in.  It was voted the best town to live in overall in Hartford county!!  It is such a charming place, so neat and old, but still has city like features such as great shops and restaurants, and best of all is such a good place to raise a family.  WeHa (as they write it) is a very family friendly, community town.  There is always something going on, and most we can walk too. 

Check it out here:

I have created a Shutterfly account which should be easier for me to post pictures too of the kids.  Unfortunately, this site has a limit to which you can post (for files), and Shutterfly is unlimited. So please check it out and follow us there!

Hope all is well with everyone!!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Where do I start with July.... we have done so much this month!  We stayed in town for the 4th, Emma moved to a big girls bed!, I traveled for work to LA for a week, went to the beach with the Journigan family for the weekend, went to our cousin Blake's 1st birthday party, and the week later we celebrated Stokes' 1st Birthday!  It was such a great month, lots of fun had by all!

Stokes came weighing in at 22 pounds (25-50%), and 30 inches (50-75%).  Stokes loves to eat!!  Boy he will eat a plate of food in a quick minute!  It is almost entertaining, especially after eating with Emma (she is our 'slow' eater...she likes to take her time, and just talk).  He is crawling all over the place, doesn't really have much interest in walking (taking after his sister), and loves to play ball!  He could roll his ball back and forth for an hour...and is too cute, everytime he throws and catches the ball I love to watch his face just light up!  We are so couldn't get much better!

i am one!!

They actually like playing together!

July 4th

We have learned to love pool floats this year!  Happy 4th of July!

Emma is such a big girl now!  She wanted to sleep in her big girl bed, and has done such a good job!!!!  Only a few 'disassters' that we walked into the next morning!

Every little girl needs a pair of pink cow girl boots

So cute

Emma's first beach trip!  (Atlantic beach)  She LOVED the beach!  She has no fear what so ever!!

A day at the beach is hard work!


Stokes has accquired a taste for sand

my buddy

The Journigan and Bass children

Emma and Sally

Court, Emma, Sally and Jim

Our sweet newphew Blake!  Happy 1st Birthday!!  (Blake had a pool party!!)

Nana and Emma

Gene and the boys

I am 1 years old!!!  Looking all cute in his special outfit from Nana

Emma is always cracking Stokes up

New silly face

Birthday boy breakfast

Emma and 'Mop'

my favorite guys!

Uncle Colby came up from Atlanta for Stokes' birthday

Think Courtney is in heaven or what?!

My wonderful friend Anna and I

Aunt Dana and Blake

Nana and her babies

Grill master

Claire Bedford and Emma


Stokes and Cuckoo

Happy Birthday Stokes!

Time to open gifts


Emma getting some snuggles

love these kids

Stokes and his Susu

Stokes adn Bop

Homemade cupcakes

Happy grandparents!


Gamapa and Stokes

lots of gifts

3 generations!

the 'traditional' 7-layer dip

4 generations